About Me

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. ”

— Chuck Close



I am  a painter and musician, designer and art director  living and working in Prague in the Czech Republic. I like  to work in various creative disciplines, having worked in advertising as an art Director, in landscape design as a designer, in painting and in music.  I  regard creativity as a positive force which provides solutions, views and different perspectives on the world which help him to make sense of things, helps us wonder and makes the world a less mundane place. I  enjoy finding the poetry in everyday objects and situations   and juxtaposing context whether it be in a painting or a song  


My work focuses on strong imagery. I always try to find strong motifs and anything or everything can be an inspiration from everyday objects such as lighters to shamanic indians.

I love seeing an image emerge on canvas and take a great deal of artistic satisfaction in the inner artistic conversation as the picture develops.

I mainly work in Acrylic and oil on canvas  I find that expressing things on canvas gives them another life and a larger meaning. 

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